Technology management techniques, such as basic and practical knowledge and management strategy, are studied. By focusing on the specific business activities of small and medium enterprises, a wide range of business knowledge and concrete technology that managers of technical enterprises tend to lack are studied. To improve the actual ability to solve the many problems encountered by a company and to master a framework of systematic thinking in a challenging new field, project and program management (P2M), which is a prominent Japanese project management system, and concrete examples of its application to many business fields are studied. The knowledge and technology necessary for
(1) the management of a practical and actual venture business,
(2) designing a business plan, and
(3) working out a realistic entrepreneurial process are studied. Nurturing supporters, such as incubation managers who support entrepreneurs, is also a focus.
2008 Guide for Graduate School
Graduate School for Management of Technology,Nippon Institute of Technology
Technology Management Course for Small Business / Project Management Course / Techno-Entrepreneurial Strategy Course