Develop a business leader who can manage PDS (Plan-Do-See) cycle and utilize technology & innovation to enhance growth and profitability of a company.

This course focuses on learning PDS cycle for sustainable growth. PDS Cycle means PLAN (make a strategy with implementation plan), DO (implement a strategy within an energized organization), and SEE (evaluate and feedback to engage employees and lead to next steps)
Develop a program leader who can output values by making and designing a project and / or program.

This course focuses on learning a series of activities to output values by regarding investment for business reform and value creation as a project and / or program. These activities cover creation of program values, design and management of it, and realizing values.
Develop an innovator / entrepreneur who can succeed in starting up a business or create new business in same or different business domain of a company.

This course focuses on learning mindset to start and evolve business and identify areas of new business, networking with stakeholders to get business resources and establishing organizations fit for business stages in light of maturity and growth.
2018 Guide for Graduate School
Graduate School of Management of Technology, Nippon Institute of Technology
Technology Management Course for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises / Project Management Course / Business Startup & Evolution Course