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Data on 111 students in total: Members of the first graduating class, 37 students; second graduating class, 36 students; and third graduating class, 38 students

Age Distribution at time of enrollment

Students ranging in age from the mid-twenties to over 60 enter the NIT MOT graduate school. The number of students in their 30s is the greatest, followed by that of students in their 40s. These two age groups account for 66% (two-thirds) of the total number. The average age is 39 years, and the oldest student, who was a member of the second graduating class, was 71 years old. Approximately 5 female students enroll in the school every year, and the cumulative number of female students is 16 (14.4%).


Educational Background

Graduates of university or other institutions of higher education, of junior college, technical junior college, or vocational school, and of high school or other school account for 59%, 20%, and 21%, respectively, of the total number of students. This indicates that people who are highly experienced in business and who have sufficient knowledge and achievements, regardless of their educational background, have passed the qualification examination and applied for and enrolled in the NIT MOT graduate school.


Students'Majors: Science and Engineering; Liberal Arts; and Others

As expected, students who have backgrounds in science and engineering account for 60% of enrollees, but a considerably large number of students who have backgrounds in liberal arts have enrolled in the school (40%). Compared with the first and second graduating classes, the number of students with backgrounds in liberal arts increased in the third year of the course.


Occupations of Students

Students who belong to manufacturing companies account for 47%, nearly half of the total, but those who belong to companies in the service industry account for 29%. The percentage of students belonging to IT businesses has increased since the second year, and is currently 24%. The students have various occupations, including managers of middle-ranking and small and medium enterprises, future managers, division leaders, project managers, and some are young employees aiming at independence.


Course Selection

Possibly because the NIT MOT graduate school encourages the acquisition of highly technical knowledge specific to the management of technology for middle-ranking and small and medium enterprises, the Technology Management Course for Small Business accounts for 60%, the Project Management Course accounts for 28%, and the Techno-Entrepreneurial Strategy Course accounts for 12% of the course types.


Payment of Expenses

The number of students whose tuition was paid by their companies was greater in the first year, but students who paid their own tuition were greater in number in the second year. These numbers equalized in the third year, as did the cumulative total over the three years. A considerable number of students also use the scholarship system.

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