Entrance Examinaton Guide

  • Preface
  • 5 Features of NIT MOT
  • Course Selection
  • Technology Management Course for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  • Project Management Course
  • Business Startup & Evolution Course
  • Registration Procedure
  • Curriculum Chart
  • Introduction of Faculty Members
  • Message from Graduates and Students
  • Entrance Examination Guide
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  • Information Concerning Entrance Examination
  • Examaination Schedule
  • Expense and Scholarships
  • Data of NIT MOT
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Degree Master in Management of Technology (professional)
Number of students admitted 30
Profiles of Enrollees
  • Employees of middle-ranking and small and medium enterprises
  • Candidates for chief technical officer (CTO) or other executive & leader positions
  • Employees of planning advanced technology strategy
  • Employees of promoting academia-industry collaboration/technology transfer
  • Employees of creating new businesses/start-up of projects/management
  • Employees of product innovation, IT strategic planners and in-house promoters
  • Personal entrepreneurs or possible entrepreneurs
  • Others
Available Courses

Technology Management Course for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

To be a business leader who can manage PDS (Plan-Do-See) cycle and utilize technology & innovation to enhance growth and profitability of a company

Project Management Course

To be a program leader who can acquire values by making and designing a project and/or program

Business Startup & Evolution Course

To be an innovator / entrepreneur who can succeed in starting up a business or create new business in same or different business domain of a company

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