Six Features of NIT MOT Graduate School

  • Preface
  • 5 Features of NIT MOT
  • Course Selection
  • Technology Management Course for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  • Project Management Course
  • Business Startup & Evolution Course
  • Registration Procedure
  • Curriculum Chart
  • List of each subject
  • Introduction of Faculty Members
  • Message from Graduates and Students
  • Entrance Examination Guide
  • Outline
  • Information Concerning Entrance Examination
  • Examaination Schedule
  • Expense and Scholarships
  • Data of NIT MOT
  • Q&A
Point 1

Developing leaders in the area of management of technology for small and medium-sized enterprises (only MOT focusing on these enterprises in Japan)

NIT MOT graduate school offers courses and curriculums to develop leaders in the area of management of technology who aspire for next steps in their career. NIT MOT graduate school is the only school in Japan focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises. Students come from not only small & medium-sized enterprises but also large enterprises and Independent administrative agency, because they find it useful to learn the perspectives of small & medium-sized enterprises at NIT MOT.

Point 2

Only one year to earn Master's degree with work and maximum five years to learn MOT

Our program comprises an intensive course of study for one year with classes held weekday nights and Saturdays.

You can learn MOT for one year before admission as a credited auditor (scholarship benefit plans can be applicable), one year as a student and three years as a graduate, which means maximum five years to learn. You have good opportunities to learn and research new knowledge and thoughts at MOT Club as a graduate.

Point 3

Learning and mastering practical and useful advanced special knowledge and skills

Business professors facilitate classes effectively by using real cases and case studies, practical problem solving, and attractive guest speakers, which brings values to students. Group discussion and interactive dialogues in a class enhances relationships among students and professors by sharing “values of management of technology” as well as general practical skills and communication skills.

Point 4

Networking with leaders who have strong will to learn and work in various industries

Students of various ages, academic backgrounds/careers, and business categories/occupations are enrolled in the NIT MOT graduate school, exchanges among students in the same class means exchanges between people of different generations, business categories and occupations. Students can exchange ideas and opinions that are not encountered in normal graduate schools or lectures, which is a valuable experience. Although our main target student is university graduates with over 5 years of business experience, junior & technical college graduates with over 7 years or high school graduates with 9 years of business experience can apply by taking the qualifying examination (interview style) prior to the formal entrance examination.

Point 5

Convenient campus accessibility in mid-Tokyo (Jimbocho)

Our campus is just 2 minutes from Jimbocho station (Tokyo Metro) and 10 minutes from Ochanomizu station (JR) on foot. It is also just 10 minutes from central Tokyo station by taxi, so it is possible to commute from outside of Tokyo as well as Tokyo area. Our campus is in a modern, comfortable building of our academic institute, which was founded in 2005 at a corner of the Old-Bookshop Street in Kanda-Jimbocho, Tokyo.


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