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Installation equipment development division of electrical equipment installation company

My company recommended that I take the course. From the viewpoint of development, it is necessary for me to have business-based ideas for project planning and schedule control. I also had a prior interest in the management of technology, so it was a good opportunity for me to apply for the course. Although I had some knowledge of management from reading journals, the lectures related to the needs at the manufacturing site were very useful and enabled me to organize my own methodologies, which I implemented myself, and to work on the basis of solid theories. I also acquired high-level knowledge on management.

I made a positive effort to attend all the lectures that I was interested in since it is possible to attend lectures in other courses as desired. Because I wanted to acquire as much management knowledge as possible in the early stage, I went to school almost every day in the spring term. In the autumn term and afterwards, I focused on deepening my knowledge by narrowing the themes and planning a more relaxed schedule.

I am making the best use of what I learned in the course by applying it in various situations in my company. I was greatly stimulated by the students from various fields including engineering.

KANAI, Riichi


President of a technological consulting company

I was about to start up a technological consulting company after I left a medical equipment manufacturer for which I had worked as a researcher for 15 years. The main business is coordination and consultation for the commercialization of new technology related to sound. I selected the Techno-Entrepreneurial Strategy Course because I needed management knowledge for small and medium enterprises and know-how for creating a new business. The one-year completion term and the favorable environment of the open campus were also decisive factors in my enrollment.

When I began the course, I was initially hesitant and self-reflective. I found myself lacking in marketing-oriented ideas. However, by the end of the summer term, thoughts on “how to commercialize the technology, who are target customers, funds, processes, and the problems Ecame spontaneously to me as I scanned academic papers on engineering, and I felt that, in addition to being a researcher, I had grown somewhat as an entrepreneur.

With only knowledge and technology, though they may be excellent, we cannot provide products demanded by the market. I think the Techno-Entrepreneurial Strategy Course is the best for researchers and engineers who want to take a new step forward.

SAKAMOTO, Shin-ichi


Certified environmental surveyor and licensed odor evaluator, Entrusted analysis supporter (private business)

When I was an assistant manager in the division of environmental measurement certification of an environmental general consulting company, I felt the limitation of managing a team in a makeshift manner. In such a situation, my family circumstances made it necessary for me to leave the company, and I felt rather depressed. However, I shifted gears to keep a positive attitude and attended a public seminar on management, which was highly interesting. It prompted me to apply to the NIT MOT graduate school to pursue more in-depth and systematic studies in management.

I selected the Technology Management Course for Small Business because it offered knowledge and technology specific to small and medium enterprises. The environmental measurement certification business is mainly performed by small and medium enterprises, and now I am the owner of my own company that supports the environmental measurement certification business. Lectures given by faculty members who are familiar with the actual conditions of small and medium enterprises are systematic and practical and definitely widened my range of expertise.

In addition, it is a plus that business experience is included in the enrollment requirements. Discussions and presentations with people of various occupations who have accumulated much experience are very stimulating. My daily encounters, not with impractical desktop theories but various ideas supported by actual experience, are valuable assets for me. I am very busy with a full schedule because of the 1-year course, but I feel great satisfaction because I can actually feel my skills improving day by day.

IWATA, NamiChairman of the board of directors,OKAWA, Kiyoyasu

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