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SAITO, Masaaki

The company I work at present provides system solution services within financial, distribution and telecommunications areas and I have mainly worked on developing financial systems. I believe that it is important to engage all employees and maximize every employee’s capabilities for sustainable growth of the company. I have thought of “Entrepreneurial System within Company” without concrete plans, so I have had a desire to realize it in the future. At that time, the company started to let a few employees study at NIT MOT as one of company trainings and I started to learn at NIT MOT as the 1st class of the company.

What are your benefits to learn at NIT MOT?

I really value the fact that I have organized all knowledge and skills acquired through OJT in my career. I am confident that I can communicate with clients and colleagues more effectively and strategically than before, because I have mastered deep and broad knowledge with framework to support business. Also, I have broadened my knowledge and horizons through interacting and discussing with professors and classmates who work in various industries with diverse experiences and backgrounds. “Entrepreneurial System within Company” has been established within the company, which means my desire to systemize has come true. I would like to realize engaging corporate culture by applying what I have learned at NIT MOT.


KAMIO, Kaori

I worked on the project to launch medical device product with Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) for some years, but the project did not go well as planned due to some unexpected events. Therefore, I decided to learn at NIT MOT to master practical knowledge and skills of project management. The reason I selected NIT MOT is that I can master practical and effective knowledge and skills as well as MOT theories. The curriculums such as case studies by professors with rich business experiences and lectures by guest speakers attracted me to learn at this school.

What are your benefits to learn at NIT MOT?

Classmates have high awareness of business and stimulate me with proactive attitudes to ask questions, speak up and challenge professors. Also, professors tackle any topics with us, so I thought as if they were like dedicated consultants for me. I have learned practical knowledge through many concrete cases which professors and guest speakers have experienced. I would like to manage projects effectively with learned knowledge and skills. Also, I would like to hold study sessions at the company as a change agent.



I really believe that It is important for me as President to be capable of understanding and grasping changes in society and economic environment. However, I found it difficult to acquire not only that kind of capabilities but also making strategies without having any systematic approach. I happened to know that NIT MOT provides courses and curriculums to learn management of technology professionally and systematically within one year, so I decided to challenge this with “I can” mindset.

What are your benefits to learn at NIT MOT?

I recall many good memories of the time at NIT MOT such as effective advices from the experiences professors, dialogues with guest speakers (executives), interactions with classmates with aspirations. If I pick up one thing, “management principle is most important to manage a company” is the most memorable learning. I have learned very practical knowledge and skills to deal with changes of ecosystem through practical and challenging lectures and dialogues with professors and classmates. I now plan to start up new business by applying all principles and skills learned at NIT MOT.


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