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Kenichi Narita

President of Nippon Institute of Technology

The Graduate School of Management of Technology, Nippon Institute of Technology (NIT MOT graduate school) has turned out leaders in the area of management of technology since its establishment in 2005. NIT MOT graduate school was established to develop leaders in the area of management of technology (MOT) who have been demanded by and can contribute to small and medium-sized enterprises for their sustainable growth. We have made a mark in developing leaders of various industries in Japan through mutual interactions between professors with business insights and students with challenging sprits.

Many graduates provide positive feedback on one year of school life as precious value for them by tackling any agenda they face as business leaders, because they can learn methodologies and skills of MOT with diverse perspectives.

Uniqueness of NIT MOT graduate school is to focus on MOT for small and medium-sized enterprises. Nippon Institute of Technology, both undergraduate and graduate schools, has done our best to develop practical engineers and technicians. However, we admit that the perspective of MOT could have been better. NIT MOT graduate school plays a critical role to develop leaders who can apply MOT knowledge and skills to their work.

21st century is a generation of diversity.

NIT MOT graduate school realizes all energies to produce new values and break away from mass productions & consumptions of 20th century.

Kyoichi Oda

Dean of NIT MOT graduate school

NIT MOT graduate school was established under the mission of Nippon Institute of Technology ““Practical engineering” output products and develop people” and is only MOT focusing on developing leaders in the area of management of technology. More than 300 leaders, especially of small and medium-sized enterprises, have graduated from NIT MOT graduate school since the establishment. There is no doubt that development of leaders is one of key success factors for sustainable growth of small and medium-sized enterprises which occupy 99% of all companies and 70% of all employees in Japan.

About 30 students enter our school from small medium-sized enterprises as well as big enterprises. This diversity leads to new learning and insights for them. Professors are experts in practical operations, so the contents of classes are very practical as well. Twelve full-time professors work, which means very fruitful learning opportunities for students with the ratio of one professor for 2~3 students.

To complete master degree within one year by working, you spend a fulfilling time through discussion and dialogues in a class and research seminar to work on master’s thesis (TOKUTEI KADAI KENKYU). Classmates are like “comrades” after one year and this network is a treasure for your career.

You can learn MOT for maximum five years. Leaning is a never-ending journey, so let’s enjoy it together at NIT MOT graduate school.

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