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The "Tokyo Engineering School," the forerunner of our academic institute, was founded in 1907, and we celebrated its centennial anniversary in 2007.Under the educational policy of “nurturing practical engineers through hands-on industrial education, Eall levels of our academic institute, from junior high school, technical high school, university, to graduate school, have graduated a total of 82,000 students, and have thus lived up to industry's expectations.

Nippon Institute of Technology (NIT) was founded in 1967 as the first university for graduates of industrial high schools, and has fostered excellent engineers who have original and practical ability in “processing technology (simply MONOZUKURI in Japanese). EMany outstanding and talented students have graduated from NIT and joined technology-related small- and medium-sized enterprises. Simultaneously, NIT has vigorously promoted industry-university cooperation with those companies and a committed relationship has been established.

The NIT Graduate School for Management of Technology (NIT MOT graduate school) nurtures technical and internationally able professionals by carrying out practical education that responds to technology innovations and economic globalization as a field of lifelong education for working people with business experience. The NIT MOT graduate school was founded in 2005 in Kanda (Tokyo, Japan) to commemorate the centennial anniversary of our academic institute.


The processing technology that supports the Japanese economy results from the presence of many middle-ranking and small and medium enterprises with excellent technology, the maintenance of which is essential for sustainable development in the future. Therefore, it is always necessary to improve technology and enhance the management skills necessary for combining technology with new products and businesses.

In the NIT MOT graduate school, members of the faculty, who are broadly experienced in actual business, teach the basic theories of technology management as well as practical knowledge and perspectives on advanced technology that managers and engineers in technical enterprises tend to lack. Thus, the NIT MOT graduate school nurtures the human resources that will play an active role in the future as excellent managers or leaders who have the ability to identify and solve problems in management strategy, new business creation/development strategy, and business start-up strategy, among others.

The curriculum is designed to accommodate the busy schedule of working adults. In recognition of the ever-changing environment of corporate management, the program can be finished in one year, with classes being held mainly on weekday evenings and on Saturdays; this schedule requires an intensive but effective way of studying. We strongly recommend that you enroll in the NIT MOT graduate school to upgrade your career in preparation for the 21st century.

Chairman of the board of directors,OKAWA, Kiyoyasu
Dean of NIT MOT graduate school,MURAKAWA, Masao

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