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  • Technology Management Course for Small Business
  • Project Management Course
  • Techno-Entrepreneural Strategy Course
  • Registration Procedure
  • Curriculum Chart
  • List of each subject
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We offer the subjects 12 common basic subjects, 7 main subjects for each course, 17 expanded and applied subjects, and individualized special topic research.(refer to Curriculum Chart and List of each subject.)

A student must earn 34 or more credits in total; 8 credits (4 subjects) or additional common basic subjects, 8 credits (4 subjects) or additional main subjects of the course, 14 credits (7 subjects) or additional subjects including expanded and applied subjects, and 4 credits of individualized special topic research I and II, which are required subjects in the fall and winter terms.

After passing the final examination, a master's degree in management of technology (professional) will be awarded.


An Example of Annual Schedule (Fiscal 2007)

Date Item
3 April (Tue) Entrance ceremony
4 April (Wed) Orientation
6 April (Fri)  E31 July (Tue) Spring term
29 April (Sun)  E6 May (Sun) Break
1 August (Wed)  E29 September (Sat) Summer term
7 August (Tue)  E19 August (Sun) Summer vacation
1 October (Mon)  E31 January (Thu) Fall term
24 December (Mon)  E4 January (Fri) New Year holidays
1 February (Fri)  E14 March (Fri) Winter term
15 March (Sat) Final examination
22 March (Sat) Commencement ceremony
  • Each term includes days for self-schooling and compensatory classes.
  • Term exams are administered during the last class of each subject in every term.

Time Schedule

Class Monday to Friday Class Saturday
    1 9:00-10:30
    2 10:40-12:10
    3 13:10-14:40
    4 14:50-16:20
    5 16:30-18:00
1 18:30-20:00 6 18:10-19:40
2 20:10-21:40    

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