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Course Specific Subjects

Subject Description
Technology Management Course for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)
Basic of Management of Technology for SMEs Learn and master about basic concept of MOT including various type of strategy, marketing /innovation, value chain/platform, technology and people & organizations management
Practical Management of Technology for SMEs Learn and master about PDS (Plan-Do-See) cycle management of corporate, business and department including its strategy, process, organization and technology & other resource development
Technology & Innovation Management Learn and master about management of technology and innovation including its opportunities, elements, barriers and system development
‘Japanese-style Management’ and ‘Management Theory for SMEs ’ Learn and master the management methods by taking advantage of SMEs characteristics, especially paying attention to ‘Japanese-style Management’.
Case Studies on Management of Technology of SMEs Learn and master on how to manage tech-companies and develop products and services practically by using actual cases. The cases are based on presentations by external lecturers.
Project Management Course
Basis of Program and Project Management (Program) Learn and master how to initiate, plan, organize, and manage a program as a new investment in your organization.
Basis of Program and Project Management (Project) Learn and master the basics of project management and how to engage to perform better in your project.
Practical Program Management Learn and master about project management and controlling method to practice actual project case.
Program Management for Enterprise Innovation Learn and master how to find an approach to solve issues which your organization has as a solution program.
Case Study on Program Planning for SMEs Learn and master how to manage SMEs identifying risks in a SME through real SMEs’
Business Startup & Evolution Course
Growth and Innovation of SMEs Learn the relationship between growth and innovation in SMEs
Entrepreneurship Theory Learn and master how to identify “Theme of New Business” and establish “New Business Concept” to start business or succeed business through own know-how and concrete examples.
New Business by Utilizing External Resources Learn how to create new business using external resources
Business Plan Learn how to apply frameworks and theories required at MOT through the process of business planning practically and deeply, which has led to positive feedback from students.
Case Study of Entrepreneur and Management Innovation Learn methods of start-up and management innovation from case studies

Common Management Subjects

Subject Description
Finance & Accounting
Management Accounting Learn and master basic management accounting concepts and methods that business leaders should practice.
Basic Accounting Learn and master the basic methods to read, prepare and utilize financial statements.
Value-based Management for MOT Learn and deepen our understanding of Corporate Value, Project Value, potential Value of Technology and Brand.
Learn how to calculate "Value" and extract factors that influence these values.
Applied Accounting Learn and master the accounting theory and the accounting systems of Japan and foreign countries to read financial statements. Further, to perform case studies of planning a business strategy as using financial statements.
Organization & Talent Management
Basic Human Resources and Organization Management (Leadership & HR Framework) Learn and master how to engage yourself to perform better in your organization and develop your people by providing practical support.
Practical Human Resources and Organization Management (Organizational Development) Learn and master how to develop your organization organically as a change catalyst.
Strategy for Value Creation (Marketing Essence: Basics) Learn and deepen your understanding for marketing essence as a Value Creation Strategy. Your mindset for innovation will be fostered and enhanced.
Strategy for Value Creation (Marketing Essence: Practical) Apply what you learned in the Basics to your own business and formulate an effective strategy for business growth and innovation. High ambitions and noble aspirations will be requested as a transformational business leader.
Development of Transformational Business Leadership (For Effective Implementation of Value Creation Strategy) Learn and acquire practical ideas and insight as to how to apply marketing essence to daily business activities for higher performance and dynamic innovation given that your Value Creation Strategy has already been formulated.
Emphasis will be placed on the importance of laying a solid foundation for your transformational leadership by acquiring basic principles of management.
Intellectual Property
Intellectual property (basic) and practical use of SMEs Learn to establish intellectual property strategies of your business such as strengthening new products (solo or co-development) as well as avoid any hidden risk of development by understanding IP system and strategies.
Corporate Intellectual Property Strategy (The trinity activities - business, R&D and IP) Learn practical intellectual property strategies and management to realize sustainable growth and improvement of profitability of organization by integrating management, technology and intellectual property.
Case Study on Intellectual Property Strategy Study for case about intellectual property issues of SMEs to develop intellectual property strategy and system
Basic Operation Management Learn the basics of operation management, including various production systems, production planning, procurement, cost control, KAIZEN, and Toyota Production System
Stage-gate Process and Product & Business Generation Management Learn how to build and manage Stage-gate process, the de facto standard process for managing R&D themes widely used in companies all over the world
Sales Management Learn and master sales management skills which are most critical and difficult in the phase of start-up and business succession through dialogues with sales leaders in various industries as well as with the professor.
B to B Marketing Learn how to develop profitable businesses for B-to-B companies, focusing on creating customer value, by using the concept of VACES; Value, Anxiety, Cost, Empowerment and Society
Management of Research and Development Learn and master on basic points of how to manage R & D; strategy, planning, operation and collaboration with external entities.
Supply Chain Management Learn and master basic knowledge, methodologies and key points to make SCM strategies by understanding the importance to realize overall optimization of supply chain process (need to avoid any partial optimization within demand forecast, order, purchasing & production and logistics)
Globalization and Standardization Learn how to apply standardization of development and productions system for globalization by deepening understanding of standardization through concrete examples and workshops.
Global business expansion of SMEs Main objective of this course is to let students with diverse business backgrounds learn and master practical knowledge about how to develop overseas business by making overseas business plans. They include business strategy, business model, overseas business marketing, plant set-up and operation, licensing and application as well as economy, industrial policies and regulations for leaders of SMEs to run business outside Japan.
Business Succession
The Family Business and innovation Learn innovation of family business based upon "The Three Circle Model', tax planning of business succession, stock transfer and resource management and financial statement analysis to understand competitive edge of family business over non-family business.
Case Studies of Business Succession in Small and Middle Companies

Learn business succession in SMEs by comparing benefits and risks of three patterns by focusing on ownership and management;
a) Non-separation/cognate model
b) Non-separation/non-cognate model
c) Separation model

Knowledge & Skill-related Subjects

Subject Description
Fundamentals of Practical Statistical Analysis Statistics is important to judge objectively in business. Learn the basic knowledge and methods of data analysis by understanding the concept of variations in statistics of data, basic statistics, data analysis by statistics approach and Excel data analysis tools.
Basic Economics Learn economics (especially Macro) to forecast business cycle and mid & long-term economy as a business leader who decides business investment and is accountable for keeping employees' employment. Also, learn importance of getting insights from primary data source quantitatively.
Policy of Innovation and SMEs Learn and master on important national government policies promoting innovation in SMEs and how to use them effectively.
New Development of Administrative Action’ and ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ Learn and master how to incorporate the results of Behavioral economics and ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ into management.
Enterprise Risk Management and Business Ethics Recognize that "companies are public institutions of society", and also consider various risks to be faced with the pursuit of business opportunities from the three viewpoints of economics (accounting), law (regulation), ethics. While seeking to acquire the basic concepts, frameworks and methods of Risk Management that management should acquire.
Internal Control for Management Quality Improvement Learn and master the concept and feature of internal control. Further, to study principally how to utilize internal control to improve management quality.
Business and System Integration Learn how to establish IT system by understanding IT strategies, process and practical rules through clarifying business issues.
‘Development of Technology and Society’ and ‘New Industries’ First, learn and master technology from four views, needs of society drive Development of Technology and so on. Next, go survey of New Industries.
Strategies of Activation by SMEs and SME Policies Implementation Learn how to apply support initiatives to realize activation strategies to deal with business environment change (especially globalization) by using case studies and discussion. Also, study individual case by considering business environment of SMEs with Macro perspective.
Basis of Quality Control and Quality Management Strategy Learn and master the basic quality control theory and methods through actual case studies.
Coaching Skill Learn and master how to coach your people (individual coaching) and team (system coaching) effectively.
Facilitating Organizational Change Learn facilitation as a key leadership skill to realize organizational change.
Logical Thinking and Problem Solving for Managers Learn and master critical business skills for business person such as logical thinking, presentation and problem-solving which are effective for other classes.
English Shower Learn and master English with joy and accuracy through the method for kids to learn their mother tongue.

Specific Topic Research (Required)

Subject Description
Management of Specific Topic Research I
Management of Specific Topic Research II

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