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Common basic subject

(1) Introduction to Technology Management Outline of contents to be learned in the technology management major
(2) Corporate Human Resources Development Fundamentals of management organization theory and practical methodology of nurturing human resources in business organizations
(3) Basics of Accounting Theory Basic business knowledge, including financial accounting and exercises on preparing financial statements, that managers and middle-management executives in technical enterprises should acquire
(4) Communication Skills in English, Part I Basic rules and expressions of business English and differences in ways of thinking between the Japanese and the British and Americans, mainly focusing on e-mail
(5) Management Accounting Concepts and Value-Based Management Theory Practical knowledge on management accounting, compilation of budgets, cost accounting, marginal income, cash flow, and analysis of investment profitability
(6) Management and Innovation Explanation of the meaning of innovation in management Discussions on research and development and creativity development by examining actual cases
(7) Marketing and New Business Development Fundamentals of marketing theory and the creation of new businesses based on the theory Acquisition of practical knowledge and methodology through case studies of small and medium enterprises
(8) Theory of Establishing New Businesses Acquisition of basic knowledge for establishing new businesses (aiming at expansion in new fields and adding new functions), as well as of highly practical know-how on establishing new businesses through case studies
(9) Intercultural Communication and Technology Management Communication useful for understanding the way of thinking and the management methods of American and European engineers
(10) How to Write Reports and Papers Methods of writing reports and papers, keeping in mind the various reports and papers necessary in the businesses in which students are engaged, in the MOT courses, and in the individualized special topic research
(11) Internal Control and Risk Management Development of enterprise risk management on the basis of the framework of internal control and cultivation of problem awareness in enterprise activities in order to deepen the knowledge required for responding to problems
(12) Strategies for Intellectual Property Management Actual and practical strategies for obtaining and maintaining intellectual property rights and protecting against litigation

Main subject

Technology Management Course for Small Business
(13) Management of Small Business Comprehensive acquisition of the knowledge and skills needed for management, starting from the fundamentals, in anticipation of the sophistication of the management of small and medium enterprises
(14) Strategies for Technology Management for Small Business Strategies for establishing original production management to break away from the conventional position of being a cooperative company
(15) Leadership in Business Organizations Extensive examination of the requirements for leadership as the engine that propels the competitive power of enterprises at all levels, from management to employees
(16) Practical Finance and Tax Strategies Practical finance and taxation measures in small and medium enterprises
(17) Strategy for Practical Production Systems Practical methods associated with production technology, production management, and labor management at a production site
(18) Practical Strategies for Customer Development and Management Concrete methods of market segmentation, PR, and sales
(19) Practical Strategies for Cooperation between Industry and Academia Introduction to official support systems and practical exercises on ways of applying for projects offered for small and medium enterprises
Project Management Course
(20) Introduction to P2M Program Management Project management in P2M system
(21) Strategies for Technology Management for Small Business Fundamental issues, including strategy, finance, system, and organization, of individual management in P2M system
(22) Project and Program Management (P2M) Applications Applied issues, including risk, relationships, value, and information, of individual management in P2M system
(23) System and Business Integration Exploration of solutions to combine the aspects of management and technology in IT software development projects
(24) Management of Software Program Systematic learning of the standard method of project management for software development and examination of successful and unsuccessful cases
(25) Project Management for New Product Development Theory and case study of development of new products and businesses
(26) Environmental Business Strategies Environmental business development within the framework of project management through a case study
Techno-Entrepreneurial Strategy Course
(27) Venture Business Management Theory of management strategy for nurturing entrepreneurs, basic management strategy, competition strategy, and resource procurement strategy
(28) Business Concepts and Planning Establishment of a concept and preparation of a business plan regarding the establishment of a business strategy when planning a venture business
(29) Practical Processing Theory for Starting Up a New Company Problems faced by entrepreneurs, incorporation plan and matters of starting a business, resource procurement, business operating activities
(30) Venture Business Finance Concrete methods of collecting funds for a venture company
(31) Business Networking Activities Discussions on business activities of small and medium enterprises in a network society
(32) Product Development and Marketing Discussions on total management of product development and marketing in reference to actual cases
(33) Theory of Starting Up a Small Venture Business Concrete contents of activities by supporters of venture companies and the required basic technology

Expanded and applied subjects

(34) Commercialization Strategy for Micro/Nano Technology Introduction of current status and possibilities of micromachine technology and nanotechnology
(35) Strategic Entrepreneurship for Business Software Development Discussions on basic knowledge and methodology for increasing efficiency in research, aiming at commercialization and success in development, using actual cases
(36) A Guide to a Promising Biotech Start-up Company Experiencing matters from the development of technology and business seeds to the start-up of bioventure businesses in simulations
(37) Business Strategies for Automatic Identification Technology Current conditions and future prospects of automatic identification technology and systems, including bar codes, two-dimensional symbols, RFID (IC tags), and biometrics
(38) Business Strategies for Next-Generation Internet Near-future prospects of online businesses
(39) Project Management in the Construction Industry Project management, including schemes, systems, and services, required in the diversifying construction industry and which can also be applied in IT and manufacturing fields
(40) Fundamental Strategies for Starting Up a Management Solution Business Concrete know-how on the creation and operation of management consulting and technology consulting businesses and their case studies
(41) Environmental Risk Management and the Latest Environmental Technologies Methods of environmental risk management associated with business activities and outline of latest environment-related technologies
(42) Management Skills Understanding and acquisition of the knowledge, skill, and competency needed for management
(43) IT Business Strategies Systematic and practical learning of the use of IT as an essential tool for management strategy from the standpoint of a manager in order to improve management ability
(44) Revitalization of a Business Organization Methods of business management, learned from multiple viewpoints, for revitalizing a business organization to draw out organizational power that is more than the sum of each member's power, by examining actual cases
(45) Practical Business Communication Basic communication techniques and their application in presentations, negotiations, contracts, and risk avoidance
(46) Information Management and Protection of Personal Information Business management in an information society, operation of management information systems and the management of information assets, risk management of business information systems, and handling of the Private Information Protection Law
(47) Business Legalities Discussions on corporate governance, handling of investors, labor-management relations, and handling of prohibition of employment discrimination in reference to actual cases.
(48) Applying Value-Based Management Theory Advanced class of 窶・5) Management Accounting Concepts and Value-Based Management Theory窶・br /> Examination of actual methods needed when introducing and developing value-based management mainly through case studies and exercises
(49) Information Technology Management and Practice Summarization of the mechanisms of Internet, e-mail, webs and software that requires networks, and undertaking exercises to deepen understanding
(50) Communication Skill in English, Part II Enhancement of business English communication ability necessary for a professional in the management of technology (MOT) through practical exercises such as the presentation and preparation of reports in English
(51) Decision Making and Corporate Strategy, Seminar I Reports and discussions on actual cases of management by managers of small and medium enterprises with excellent management achievements
(52) Decision Making and Corporate Strategy, Seminar II Same as (51)

Individualized special topic research

(53) Management of Technology, Project Research I Actual topic research regarding management of technology
(54) Management of Technology, Project Research II Same as (53)

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