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Name Title
ODA, Kyoichi Professor (Dean of NIT MOT Graduate School)
SASAKI, Tsutomu Professor (Academic Affairs Lead)
SHIMIZU, Hiroshi Professor (Educational Function Lead)
OHMI, Masayuki Professor
TAKASHINO, Akio Professor
TAKETOMI, Tametsugu Professor
NAMIE, Kazukimi Professor
NISHIO, Koji Professor
HIRAKAWA, Atsushi Professor
MANDAI, Kenji Professor
MIZUSAWA, Naoya Professor
MIYAKE, Masayuki Professor
NAKAZAWA, Toshihiko Visiting Professor
TSUJI, Satoshi Visiting Professor
IGARSHI, Hirokazu Visiting Professor
INOUE, Hajime Visiting Professor
UEHARA, Kenichi Visiting Professor
GODA, Hiroyuki Visiting Professor
SHIOTA, Yasuhiko Visiting Professor
SHIGE, Kiyofumi Visiting Professor
SHOHDOJI, Tsutomu Visiting Professor
SHIMIZU, Izumi Visiting Professor
TOMIZAWA, Yuji Visiting Professor
TOMINAGA, Kiminori Visiting Professor
NAGAYOSHI, Kazuo Visiting Professor
HARA, Yoshinobu Visiting Professor
HIRANO, Shusuke Visiting Professor
MORI, Tokihiko Visiting Professor
YUNOKAWA, Emi Visiting Professor
YOSHIDA, Michio Visiting Professor

Highly qualified experts in Management of Technology

Since its foundation, our academic institute has fostered excellent engineers who have original and practical ability in production. Many excellent and talented students have graduated from NIT and joined technology-related middle-ranking and small and medium-sized enterprises.Simultaneously, NIT has vigorously promoted industry-university cooperation with those companies. Together with these achievements, NIT boasts of an outstanding selection of faculty members who can realize the purpose of the NIT MOT graduate school, that is, provide practical education that forms the foundation of technological innovation and economic globalization, and who can support working adults with business experience to become technically and internationally able professionals.

The faculty is composed of 12 full-time professors and 18 visiting professors; 30 in total. Not only do the professors have a wealth of achievements in education and research or academia-industry collaborative research in universities and laboratories, they also have various business experiences in manufacturing, IT, and construction companies, financial institutions, and other enterprises. They are experts familiar with project management, finance and tax, intellectual rights, and litigation; various other experts such as company management consultants and successful entrepreneurs in venture businesses are also part of the faculty.

Our faculty members are the best for students wishing to acquire the basics of technology management as well as practical knowledge and skills. In addition, we have adopted a system whereby guest speakers are invited to each class as necessary. Students can learn about many actual cases directly from the people involved because of this system, and they can acquire knowledge that can be immediately applied to problems they face through exercises and discussion.

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